How to Find Us

Directions are Below

How Much Time To Allow: If you are coming from the Broadmoor Area, please allow at least one hour. 30 minutes drive time and 30 minutes for registration, mounting and stirrup adjustment.

If you are coming from anywhere south of Downtown Colorado Springs, depart an hour and 15 minutes prior to ride time.

If you are coming from anywhere north of Downtown Colorado Springs, depart an hour and 30 minutes prior to ride time. This includes hotels close to the Air Force Academy.

How to get there: From Highway I-25: Exit 138 on Circle Drive. At the bottom of the off ramp, turn right. Follow towards the mountains until it dead-ends in front of the Broadmoor Hotel. At the roundabout in front of the hotel, turn left. This is your last actual turn. From now on just go with the flow of traffic, ignoring that the name of the road changes several times. After about a mile, you will come to a stop sign. The signs there will tell you that the Stables is straight before you on Old Stage Road, 5.8 miles ahead. It is best here if you zero out your odometer as you are about to enter a forested area with few signs. Old Stage Road starts out paved for the first mile and then makes a hard RIGHT and turns into a dirt road for the remaining 5 miles. This is a panoramic adventure on a historic trail, the same byway the pioneers used to travel by stage and horseback to reach the gold mines of Cripple Creek. The road twists and turns over a hundred times and is lined, not with guardrails, but a high dirt berm edging. It is a two-way road that raises 2,000 feet. There is no other way to go; no way to make a wrong turn and the rule is “When in doubt, keep going”. You will know when you have arrived at the stables, as the road will make a rollercoaster rise, as if you have finally reached the top of the mountain. As you come over the crest, you will see a large sign on your right with a horseback rider that says, “Stables at the Broadmoor”. As soon as you see the sign, look to your left and you will see the driveway.

How do get there From Highway 24: Turn south on 21st street (mountains on your right). This will eventually turn into Cresta. Follow the Zoo signs with giraffes on them, up around the Broadmoor Hotel and through the Broadmoor neighborhood. One mile before the Zoo, there is a large 4-way intersection. You will see signs for the ‘Stables at the Broadmoor’ and a large masonry sign that says “Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – 1 mile ahead”. Turn right here and you will be on Old Stage Road. Please follow the directions above starting with zeroing out your odometer.

Road Etiquette: The speed limit is 20 miles an hour and is meant to be traveled at a leisurely pace. Here are a few tips to make the trip safely and easily.